MEPs to vote on European digital transformation programme 

EU plans to deploy digital technologies like artificial intelligence, supercomputing and data platforms more widely will be debated and put to the vote on Thursday.

The Digital Europe programme, worth €7.5 billion, will fund the deployment of European supercomputers and data processing capacities (€2.2 billion), and make supercomputing more accessible in the health, environmental, and security sectors and industry, and in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

It will strengthen and support artificial intelligence testing and trials in the health and mobility sectors, and encourage member states to cooperate in this area, with the aim of setting up a European data space. Businesses and public administrations will also be able to use artificial intelligence more (€2 billion).

€1.6 billion are also dedicated to cybersecurity, to strengthen coordination between member states, boost Europe’s capabilities and support the deployment of cyber-security technology through initiatives such as the EU cybersecurity competence centre and network.

Procedure: Ordinary legislative procedure


Debate: Thursday, 29 April

Vote and result: Thursday, 29 April