EU-India: stronger ties needed between the world’s two biggest democracies 

MEPs are set to stress the need to tap into the potential of EU-India relations, calling for both parties to work together on geopolitical challenges.

On Thursday, MEPs will vote on a set of recommendations for the European Union on improving its bilateral partnership with India in view of the upcoming EU-India leaders’ meeting in Porto on 8 May.

The text prepared by the Foreign Affairs Committee states that while the EU and India, as strategic partners and the world’s two largest democracies, share strong political, economic, social and cultural links, bilateral relations have not yet reached their full potential and require increased political engagement.

It also highlights India’s rising regional and geopolitical influence, as the country has strengthened its position as an economic and military power, and grown rapidly as an important trading partner for the EU.

At the same time, Members express concern over the deteriorating human rights situation in India, echoing comments by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and several UN Special Rapporteurs. For additional details, read more here.

MEPs will debate the draft report on Wednesday afternoon.

Procedure: own-initiative report

Debate: Wednesday, 28 April

Vote and result: Thursday, 29 April