Rail passengers’ rights: more help for stranded travellers 

MEPs are set to adopt new rules that would better protect and assist train travellers facing delays, cancellations or discrimination.

Parliament will debate on Wednesday and vote on Thursday on the revised rules on rail passengers’ rights, which were agreed between Parliament and Council in October 2020. The rules are set to guarantee rerouting and help passengers when there are delays and cancellations, to improve access and assistance to people with reduced mobility, and help to create more dedicated spaces for bicycles.

If there is a delay of over 60 minutes, passengers can choose to either have the cost of their ticket fully reimbursed, continue on their journey or be re-routed under comparable conditions, but without facing additional costs. They must also be able to travel in the same class as their original ticket. If needed, meals and refreshments must be provided and accommodation costs reimbursed.

Travellers with reduced mobility will have more flexibility when making travel arrangements, as they will be obliged to notify the operator of their travel plans 24 hours in advance (under current rules, they have to notify the operator 48 hours in advance).

Procedure: co-decision, 2nd reading


Debate: Wednesday, 28 April

Vote and result: Thursday, 29 April