Terrorist content online: final vote to ensure removal within one hour 

On Thursday, plenary is set to give its green light to new rules preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online.

Internet platforms will have one hour to remove flagged content or disable access to it in all member states. This may be texts, images, sound recordings or videos that incite, solicit or contribute to terrorist offences, provide instructions for such offences or solicit people to participate in a terrorist group. In line with the definition included in the Directive on combating terrorism, it will also cover content providing guidance on how to make and use explosives, firearms and other weapons for terrorist purposes.

Content uploaded for educational, journalistic, artistic or research purposes, or used to raise awareness, will be exempt. EP and Council negotiators also agreed that companies will not be obliged to monitor all the content they upload, and no automatic filters will be imposed.

The new rules will apply 12 months after their entry into force.

Procedure: ordinary legislative procedure, second reading agreement

2018/0331 (COD)

Debate: Wednesday, 28 April

Vote: Thursday, 29 April