Tackling the under-representation of women in science and engineering 

MEPs will propose measures to help promote the participation of women and girls in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics sectors (STEM).

The EU is facing a shortage of women in STEM careers and education (only 36% of graduates in these fields and only two out of five scientists and engineers are women). MEPs will therefore present their ideas to improve gender equality in this area.

In the draft text to be debated on Wednesday and put to the vote on Thursday, MEPs notably call on member states to actively encourage women and girls to take up STEM studies and careers. They should also look for more attractive and creative ways to showcase female role models with successful careers in STEM to boost girls’ confidence in their digital skills and encourage them to pursue studies in these fields. MEPs also urge all relevant stakeholders to address discrimination in their hiring practices and to introduce quotas to ensure better inclusion of women in this sector.

On Wednesday evening, MEPs will hold a gender equality debate focusing on the online abuse faced by women in politics.

Procedures: own-initiative report (STEM), Council and Commission statements (online abuse)

2019/2164(INI), 2021/2704(RSP)

Debates: Wednesday, 9 June

Votes: Thursday, 10 June (STEM)