Parliament to demand action in wake of the Pandora papers scandal 

MEPs will lay out what must be done urgently to close loopholes that have allowed the massive tax avoidance uncovered by the Pandora papers investigation.

On Thursday, MEPs will vote on a resolution which will formally convey the indignation Parliament unanimously expressed during a plenary debate last week, and in so doing outline the urgent steps they believe the EU and national authorities must now take. They are likely to argue that, although the most notorious tax dodging exposed by the Pandora papers is done by non-EU citizens in jurisdictions outside the EU, EU member states and nationals do not come out of the scandal unblemished.

According to the EP, it is high time that European governments seriously commit to policies to eliminate tax practices that not only seriously handicap public finances but which have become wholly unacceptable to the wider public.

This part session will also host two other debates on the theme of clamping down on harmful financial practices. On Wednesday MEPs will discuss with the Commission efforts and rules that should be beefed up to better fight money-laundering as well as the G20/OECD global tax agreement reached last week and which is expected to be endorsed at the G20 Rome summit at the end of October.

Debate: Wednesday, 6 October

Vote: Thursday, 21 October

Procedure: Resolution to wind up a debate