Final vote on reform of EU Farm Policy 

On Tuesday, MEPs are set to give the green light to the new Common Agriculture Policy. This reformed version aims to be greener, fairer, more flexible and transparent.

In June 2021, Parliament and Council negotiators struck a deal on the new legislative framework, which aims to align the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) with the EU’s environmental and climate commitments. Those will have to be reflected in national strategic plans, in farming practices, and in the way the rural development fund and direct payments are allocated. The reform will enter into force in 2023.

To ensure that EU support is distributed fairly, small and medium-sized farms will receive a minimum share of direct payments and young farmers will get dedicated support from the direct payments and the rural development budgets in every member state. Working conditions on farms will be monitored thanks to the cooperation between national labour inspectors and CAP paying agencies. A permanent crisis reserve will assist farmers in times of price or market instability and information about final beneficiaries will be more transparent thanks to a data mining tool.

The debate takes place on Tuesday morning at 9.00, followed by the vote at 12.00 with results announced at 16.00. The Chair of the Committee on Agriculture and the rapporteurs will hold a press conference at 17.15 after the results of the votes have been announced.

Procedure: ordinary legislative procedure, first reading

(2018/0216(COD), 2018/0217(COD), 2018/0218(COD))

Debate: Tuesday, 23 November

Vote: Tuesday, 23 November

Press conference: Tuesday, 23 November at 17.15, with AGRI Chair Norbert Lins and rapporteurs Peter Jahr, Ulrike Müller and Eric Andrieu