MEPs to discuss the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

MEPs are expected to express strong support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a debate on Tuesday.

Concerned by the heightening political tensions in the country, and in particular the rhetoric and divisive actions of the Bosnian Serb leader and presidency member Milorad Dodik, MEPs are likely to condemn any secessionist activities the aim of which they see is the destabilisation of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In November 1995, the Dayton Accords ended the three-and-a-half-year-long Bosnian war. The country was subsequently divided into two autonomous regions, Republika Srpska and the Bosniak-Croat Federation, linked via a central government in Sarajevo. The separatist leadership of Republika Srpska’s is now threatening to withdraw from key state institutions such as the joint armed forces, the indirect taxing authority and the top judicial body, raising fears that this could lead to further division and a new conflict.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a potential candidate country in the EU enlargement process.

Procedure: Council and Commission statements, no resolution

Debate: Tuesday, 23 November