Western Balkans: MEPs to urge cooperation in the fight against organised crime 

MEPs will push for governments in the region to increase their efforts in the fight against corruption and organised crime in a debate on Tuesday.

In a report approved by the Foreign Affairs Committee and set for a vote/debate in plenary, MEPs say the main factors that make countries in the Western Balkans vulnerable are a lack of employment opportunities, corruption, disinformation, elements of state capture, inequality, and foreign interference from non-democratic regimes such as Russia and China.

In a plenary debate on Tuesday and an accompanying resolution to be put to the vote on Wednesday (results announced Thursday morning), MEPs are likely to call for the acceleration of the EU integration process in the Western Balkans, which would help the fight against organised crime in the region.

Procedure: own-initiative report

Debate: Tuesday, 14 December

Vote: Wednesday, 15 December (announcement on Thursday)