Fighting structural racism 

Policies dealing with culture, education, media and sport must be adjusted to eliminate structural racism present in the EU.

In a resolution to be put to the vote on Tuesday (results announced on Wednesday morning), MEPs are expected to call on EU member states to address the structural roots of racism and discrimination in the EU.

The draft text demands the elimination of racial and ethnic segregation that still exists in the education systems of some EU countries and for teaching staff from racial and ethnic minority groups to have equal access to teaching jobs.

Other measures proposed include a call for media to stop spreading stigmatising narratives that dehumanise members of particular ethnic or racial groups, as well as a proposal to stop EU and state funding for media outlets that promote hate speech and xenophobia.

The draft text also expresses dismay at the fact that currently only 15 member states have national anti-racism action plans.


According to the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, 45% of people of North African descent, 41% of Roma and 39% of people of Sub-Saharan African descent face discrimination based on their ethnic or immigration background.

According to the 2019 Eurobarometer, over half of Europeans believe that racial discrimination is widespread in their country, with “Being Roma” (61% of respondents), “Ethnic origin” (59%) and “Skin colour” (59%) being the top three grounds for discrimination identified by citizens.

Procedure: Own-initiative resolution


Debate: Monday 7 March

Vote: Tuesday, 8 March, results Wednesday 9 March