Hungary can no longer be considered a full democracy, MEPs set to declare 

In a draft report reviewing developments since Parliament activated Article 7, MEPs argue that EU values are under systemic threat in Hungary.

The draft text -which MEPs will discuss on Wednesday and vote on on Thursday- demonstrates how democracy and fundamental rights in the country have further deteriorated since Parliament triggered the Article 7 procedure in 2018, through the “deliberate and systematic efforts of the Hungarian government”, exacerbated by EU inaction.

The main areas of concern for MEPs range from the functioning of the constitutional and electoral system to judicial independence, and from academic and religious freedom to the rights of vulnerable groups.

MEPs are also set to say that any further delay in the Article 7 process would amount to the Council breaching the rule of law. They are set to call for recovery funds to Hungary to be withheld until it complies with recommendations and court rulings.

Procedure: Interim report - revision of legislative initiative report

Procedure Code: 2018/0902R(NLE)

Debate: Wednesday 14 September

Vote: Thursday 15 September