Parliament to sound the alarm about the water crisis in Europe  

On Thursday, MEPs will debate with Council and Commission growing water scarcity and droughts ahead of the summer season.

MEPs are expected to call for increased action to preserve and improve EU water resources, already affected by several years of dry conditions and diminishing groundwater levels. The impact of the emerging drought is already visible in France, Spain, and northern Italy and raise concerns about water supply for human use, agriculture, and energy production.

According to the latest data from the European Drought Observatory, over a quarter of the EU’s territory is currently experiencing drought warning conditions, while 8% is already in a state of drought alert.

On Monday afternoon, MEPs will debate with the Commission the creation of an EU Day for the victims of the global climate crisis. A resolution will be put to the vote later during the session.


For several decades, the EU has developed a framework for preventing and mitigating water scarcity and droughts in the EU. Parliament and EU countries are currently working on a revision of several EU water policy measures, following a proposal on integrated water management of surface and groundwater pollutants.

Debate: Thursday, 15 June

Procedure: Council and Commission statements, without resolution (water crisis) / Commission statement, with resolution (EU Day for victims of global climate crisis)