MEPs: EU and Türkiye must find realistic framework for their relationship 

Türkiye’s EU accession process cannot resume under the current circumstances and new ways to cooperate should be explored, MEPs are expected to say.

In the 2022 draft report to be debated on Tuesday and put to the vote on Wednesday, MEPs urge the Turkish government and the EU to find a realistic framework for their relationship and move towards a closer partnership.

The report confirms that Türkiye remains an important NATO ally and a key partner in security, trade, economic relations, and migration, and stresses that Türkiye is expected to respect democratic values, rule of law and human rights.

Procedure Code: 2022 Commission Report on Türkiye (2022/2205(INI))

Procedure: own-initiative reports

Debate: Tuesday, 12 September

Vote: Wednesday, 13 September