Moldova: Parliament to say EU accession negotiations should start 

On Thursday, MEPs will vote on a resolution taking stock of Moldova’s path to the European Union.

Moldova, one of Europe’s poorest countries, has suffered severe political and economic collateral damage due to Russia’s war against neighbouring Ukraine, with soaring inflation, food costs, and energy prices, street protests in the capital Chișinău, electricity blackouts and disinformation campaigns. There have also been warnings of a Russian-staged coup d’état against the country’s pro-European leadership, in addition to the ongoing consequences of the decades-old frozen conflict with Russian-backed separatists in Transnistria.

Following Moscow’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Moldova applied for EU membership in March 2022 and was granted EU candidate status in June 2022. In April 2023, the European Parliament called for EU accession talks with the country to begin by the end of 2023, if Moldova fulfils the nine steps identified by the European Commission needed for the opening of negotiations.

Before the vote on the resolution, MEPs will debate the latest developments in Moldova with Council and Commission on Tuesday.

Debate: Tuesday 3 October

Vote: Thursday 5 October

Procedure: non-legislative resolution