MEPs to discuss protection of marine ecosystems and the Common Fisheries Policy 

In a morning devoted to the EU’s fisheries strategy, MEPs will assess on Thursday the Commission’s approach to bottom trawling and the implementation of fisheries rules.

On Thursday, plenary will debate its response to the Commission’s fisheries package, including the action plan to restore marine biodiversity, which proposes to phase out mobile bottom fishing in marine protected areas (MPAs) by 2030. The draft report prepared by the Fisheries Committee -to be put to a vote at noon- considers the plan oversimplified and not in line with other priorities and strategies.

In a separate debate, MEPs will take stock of the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). A draft resolution to be put to a vote on the same day notes that socio-economic aspects and food security should be aligned with the protection of biodiversity and fishing stocks. MEPs demand a practical approach when applying the maximum sustainable yield, that landing obligations take into account the challenges that fishers face and call for a specific programme relating to remoteness and insularity (POSEI) for fisheries and aquaculture.

MEPs will also discuss and vote on an initiative calling for rules on monitoring and inspections to be harmonised, to make the market more transparent. They are also expected to adopt a report asking for more import controls and an EU-wide approach to fight illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

On Tuesday, MEPs will decide if the proposal on targets for fixing fishing opportunities will be considered urgent and, therefore voted on during plenary.

Procedure Codes: 2023/2124(INI), 2021/2169(INI), 2023/2049(INI) and 2023/2027 (INI)
Debates: Thursday 18 January
Votes: Tuesday 16 January and Thursday 18 January
Procedure: own-initiative reports