MEPs to debate situation of prisoners in Hungary, including Ilaria Salis 

On Monday afternoon, MEPs will discuss with Commission and Council representatives the reportedly appalling conditions in which the Italian prisoner is being held.

Plenary will look into the situation of prisoners in Hungary, including the case of Ilaria Salis, who has been incarcerated in Hungary since February 2023. Salis, accused of taking part in violent assaults against neo-Nazi sympathisers in Budapest, faces up to eleven years in prison if convicted. The 39-year-old elementary school teacher, who denies the charges, appeared in court in shackles and handcuffs. Media have reported about the deplorable prison conditions she is facing, with rats, insects, and poor hygiene.

According to Eurostat, in 2021 Hungary and Poland had the highest prisoner rates per 100 000 people in the EU.

Debate: Monday 5 February

Procedure: Commission statement, no resolution