What are Intergroups and how are they formed? 

Intergroups are unofficial groupings of MEPs who are interested in a particular topic which does not necessarily fall within the scope of the European Parliament's normal work but may be of interest to wider society. Intergroups hold informal discussions and promote exchanges between MEPs and civil society.

As intergroups are not official bodies of Parliament, they cannot express Parliament's views. They may not engage in any activities which might be confused with Parliament's official activities.

Parliament's presidium has laid down conditions for establishing intergroups, which are formed at the start of each parliamentary term (such as that an application must be signed by at least three political groups and a yearly declaration of financial interests is required). If these conditions are met, political groups may provide intergroups with logistical support.

Chairs of intergroups must declare any support they receive in cash or kind. These declarations must be updated every year and be publicly available.

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