Salaries and pensions 

How much do MEPs get paid?

Under the single statute for Members in force since July 2009, MEPs all receive the same salary.

The monthly pre-tax salary of MEPs, under the single statute, is € 8.757,70 (as of July 2018). This salary comes from Parliament's budget. All MEPs pay EU tax and insurance contributions, after which the salary is € 6.824,85. In addition, most EU countries oblige their MEPs to pay an additional national tax to their home country. The final salary (salary after taxes) for an individual Member therefore depends on the taxation rules in the Member's home country. The MEPs' basic salary is set at 38.5% of the basic salary of a judge at the European Court of Justice, so MEPs do not, and cannot, decide on their own salary.

There are a few exceptions to the single statute: MEPs who held a mandate in Parliament before the 2009 elections could opt to keep the previous national system for salary (in which they were paid the same amount as national MPs), transitional allowance and pensions, for the entire duration of their membership of the European Parliament.

Are MEPs entitled to a pension? How much is it?

Members are entitled to an old-age pension from the age of 63. The pension equals 3.5% of the salary for each full year’s exercise of a mandate but not more than 70% in total. The cost of these pensions is met from the European Union budget. An additional pension scheme, introduced for MEPs in 1989, was closed to new members from July 2009 and is being phased out.