How big is the Parliament's budget? 

The 2018 EP budget amounted to just under €2 billion, approximately 44% of which was allocated for staff expenditure (mainly salaries for the Parliament’s roughly 7 000 civil servants and political group personnel). The budget also covers the cost of interpretation, outsourced translations and staff travel expenses.

As the Parliament is a democratically-elected institution, making laws that are binding in all member states, considerable resources are allocated to translation and interpretation, so that Members and citizens alike can follow proceedings.

About 22% of the 2018 budget went to MEP expenses, including salaries, travel costs, offices and the pay of parliamentary assistants.

Expenditure in 2018 on Parliament’s buildings accounted for 14% of the budget. It covers rent, construction, maintenance, security and running costs in the three main places of work - Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg - as well as for liaison offices in EU member states.

Information policy and administrative expenditure such as IT, communications and administration accounted for 15% in 2018. Political groups, parties and foundations accounted for a further 6% of the budget.