House of European History 

The House of European History: a tale like no other  

In 2017, the House of European History opened its doors in Brussels for the first time. The museum gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about European history and reflect on its present day significance.

The permanent exhibition focuses on pan-European twentieth-century history and on integration from a broad perspective by bringing together the contrasting experiences of Europeans from across the continent. The House of European History also hosts temporary exhibitions.

Exhibition contents were put together by an interdisciplinary academic project team comprising historians, museologists, education specialists and administrators from eighteen Member States. A high-level advisory board (academic committee) made up of internationally-renowned historians and museologists ensures academic accuracy and exhibit relevance.

Admission to the House of European History is free and open to all.

Project development cost approximately €52.4m. This covered the conversion, extension and renovation of the Eastman building as well as the development of the permanent exhibition and first temporary exhibition.

In 2020, the House of European History won the top prize − ‘Excellence in Architecture’ − in the prestigious German Design Awards for its innovative building.