Salaries and pensions 

Salaries and pensions


Salaries are set at 38.5% of the basic salary of a CJEU judge, as outlined in the Statute for MEPs (Article 10). All MEPs earn the same salary.

An MEP’s monthly salary is €10,377.43 gross and €8,089.63 net, after deduction of EU taxes and insurance contributions (figures as of 01/01/2024). The funds come out of the Parliament’s budget.

As Member States may impose additional national levies, final net figures depend on the tax regime of the MEP’s country of origin.


Former Members are entitled to a pension when they turn 63, in accordance with Article 14 of the Statute for MEPs.

It is equal to 3.5% of their salary for each full year in office and one twelfth thereof for each further full month, but not more than 70 % in total. Its cost is borne by the EU budget.

An additional pension scheme, introduced for MEPs in 1989, was closed to new members from July 2009 and is being phased out.