ACTA: how it started and how it will end 

How the EP will come to a decision on ACTA  

The EP has produced an easy-to-follow infograph on the legislative procedure for ACTA to help people who are confused about how a decision will be made on this controversial anti-counterfeiting agreement. It also includes a handy timeline with important dates. The agreement has proved controversial because people are concerned about how it will affect civil rights. However, it will not be able to enter into force in the EU without the EP's approval.

The European Commission announced on 22 February 2012 that it will refer ACTA to the European Court of Justice for a ruling on the agreement. However, British Social-Democrat David Martin, who is responsible for steering the agreement through Parliament, says Parliament should prepare its own questions for referral to the court. He also recommends preparing an interim report setting out questions to the Commission and member states on how ACTA will be enforced.