€70.2 billion: how the EU will boost research and innovation in Europe 


Europe will not see any substantial growth without serious investment in research and innovation.

The EU will do its part by investing €70.2 billion as part of Horizon 2020, its special programme to support research and innovation. Its share of the EU's budget has gone up from 5% for the previous seven-year budget to just over 7% for the upcoming one. Check out our chart to learn more about how the money will be spent.

The largest part, almost one fifth of the funding, will go to fundamental research projects in all research fields, which were selected by the European Research Council.

Horizon 2020 will also support other research and innovation activities, varying from information and communication technologies to space, food security and health, while researcher training and mobility will be promoted through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie sub-programme.