Car emissions scandal: inquiry committee votes on final report and recommendations 


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The inquiry committee investigating the car emissions scandal votes today on its final report and recommendations, which call for stricter controls and implementation at EU level. “We learnt the lessons from the past and we will now do our homework ... so this scandal will never happen again,” said Jens Gieseke, one of the authors of the final report. Watch the video to learn more.

About the committee

The committee's aim is to investigate alleged contraventions and maladministration in relation to emission measurements in the car industry.  It was set up in December 2015 following revelations about discrepancies between emissions in tests carried out in laboratories and in actual on-road performances for both pollutants and C02. 

Main recommendations

Committee members are calling for the swift adoption of a new type-approval procedure and real-world emissions testing to ensure discrepancies NOx emissions measured in the laboratory and on the road are reduced.

Dutch ALDE member Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy, one of the authors of the committee's final report, explained: “The old test was in a lab, during 20 minutes, under very artificial circumstances. The car industry knew by the second what the car was supposed to do. And that was the reason why they developed defeat devices [which prevent the emissions control system from working properly]."

In addition committee members want stronger controls at EU level and stricter and more effective enforcement of the measurement rules.

German EPP member Jens Gieseke, the other author of the committee report, said: “We need a European approach, more effectiveness in control."

Next steps

Once the committee has adopted the texts, all MEPs have the chance to debate and vote on the report and the recommendations during the April plenary session.