EU targets: more renewables, better energy efficiency (video) 


The European Parliament has approved new EU targets increasing the use of renewables and improving energy efficiency. Learn more in our video.

Under new rules agreed by Parliament and national governments, at least 32% of the EU's energy consumption in 2030 will have to come from renewable sources, such as the sun or wind. EU countries will also have to ensure that at least 14% of their transport fuels come from renewable sources.

Spanish S&D member José Blanco López said, the MEP in charge of steering the plans through Parliament, said: “We want a carbon-free economy by 2050. This is a step which allows us to respect the Paris climate accord, help reduce emissions and rise to the challenges facing humanity.”

The EU has also agreed to increase its energy efficiency by 32.5% by 2030 and make it easier for households to generate, store and consume their own green energy.

The new rules should save people and companies money by reducing their energy bills, while cutting back on harmful CO2 emissions.

MEPs voted in favour of the clean energy legislation on 13 November. However, the Council will still have to approve it as well before it can enter into force.

The EU is pushing for more energy from renewable sources ©AP images/European Union - EP