Horizon Europe: how the EU invests in science (infographics) 


The EU research programme Horizon Europe will continue to support scientific breakthroughs to boost Covid-19 recovery and facilitate EU’s green and digital transformation.

Horizon Europe: how it works  

Horizon Europe is the EU programme for funding research and innovation with a budget of more than €95 billion for 2021-2027. In the negotiations on the EU's long-term budget, MEPs secured an extra €4 billion for the programme. Find out what the budget covers in our infographics.

The main aims are to strengthen science and technology, to foster industrial competiveness, and to implement the EU's sustainable development goals.

The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that research and innovation are drivers for economic recovery. Hundreds of millions of euros have been mobilised in coronavirus research projects under the previous EU funding programme, Horizon 2020. The new programme will continue to support health research and help the EU’s health systems prepare for future crises.

The new EU research funding programme will fund the digital and green transitions, specifically helping industry to decarbonise, reduce fossil fuel dependency and ensure that the recovery from Covid-19 prioritises the climate. It also includes a specific allocation for creative and cultural industries which have been ravaged by the pandemic.

The research programme will focus on five areas:

Horizon Europe: how its budget will be invested  

The budget for Horizon Europe is distributed across four pillars. The first focuses on supporting and strengthening European research and innovation talent. The second pillar ensures funding for science that addresses global challenges linked to the five priority areas. The third pillar supports research-driven entrepreneurship while the fourth pillar funds research networks and collaboration.

The European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) and the European Innovation Council (EIC) are both funded through the Horizon Europe programme. The EIT helps to narrow the gap between research and the market, so that Europe can become more innovative. The EIC aims to support breakthrough technologies and game-changing innovations by creating new markets and scaling up internationally.

Parliament approved the budget and the programme for Horizon Europe in April 2021.