Tusk: EU is at crossroads, we fight for its future, or we regret it in future 

Looking back at the Polish presidency  

The Polish presidency concludes at the end of the year and Prime Minister Donald Tusk was in the EP Wednesday to review the past six months. Most MEPs praised the presidency but Tusk wasn't too optimistic. "Although we are happy with the work done, I cannot say that Europe is more united now."

"Today I can say that we are at crossroads. We have to answer the question of whether we walk the community road, or the road of national selfishness. Either we fight for the future of Europe now, or cry for Europe tomorrow," he said.

EPP group leader Joseph Daul said that many MEPs share the Polish vision for the EU and pointed to the success of the presidency in getting an agreement on the economic governance six-pack, which aims to improve economic governance and the supervision of financial markets.

This has been one of the best presidencies in recent years, Socialist leader Martin Schulz said, calling on the EU to adopt new instruments that are adequate for 21st century. Olle Schmidt for the Liberal group warned that "isolation is not the way forward".

While the Green group was happy in general with the Polish presidency, Bas Eickhout said they were disappointed with its work on the climate change.

Not everyone was complimentary, Tomasz Porępa of the ECR said, "it was a weak presidency that lacked ambition", while Nikolaos Salavrakos for the EFD said  the presidency "seemed to be powerless vis-a-vis the markets" and for the GUE/NGL group Georgios Toussas said the presidency showed a "fear of governance of people".

Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso thanked Tusk for his "leadership and European commitment".