European Citizen's Prize: honouring exceptional Europeans 

The EU citizen's prize is given in recognition of exceptional achievements  

The European Citizen's Prize was launched by the Parliament in 2008 to recognise exceptional achievements by Europeans. This year 37 people from 19 member states were selected for the prize in honour of their good work. They received their medals in national award ceremonies and they had the chance to showcase their work and meet MEPs at the European Parliament in Brussels on 7-8 November .

This year's winners worked in a variety of areas. Some of their projects were linked to theme of the European year, which this year is about active aging and solidarity between generations.

The Citizens' Prize can be given for activities that either facilitate cross-border cooperation within the EU or promote better mutual understanding and closer integration between citizens and member states. It can also be awarded for day-to-day activities reflecting the values enshrined in the EU's charter of fundamental rights.

The laureates can be citizens, groups, associations or organisations. Every year each MEP has the right to nominate one candidate.

You can find the full list of laureates and pictures of the central event in Brussels by clicking on the links on the right.