Europe Day: learning about the EU thanks to the EP  


Implanting identity chips in EU citizens: are you for or against? Don't worry, this is not a new EU proposal, but a topic for debate in a role-playing game designed to teach students visiting Parlamentarium, the EP's visitors centre, about what it is like to be an MEP. As Europe Day is celebrated on 9 May, take a look at our video to see how young people are learning about the EU, the democratic process and the art of compromise.

The video shows a Belgian school taking part in the role-playing game, but more than 10,000 students participate in this every year. The game is organised at the request of secondary schools visiting the Parlamentarium. It can be done in all of the EU's 23 official languages.

Europe Day is held every year on 9 May to commemorate a speech made by French foreign minister Robert Schuman on that day in 1950 in Paris. In it he called for the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community, which over the years developed in the European Union as we know it today.