Playing a more visible role 

Pan-European political parties should play a larger role during the 2014 elections.  

The European Parliament would like to see pan-European parties play a bigger and more visible role in the next European elections, which take place from 22 to 25 May 2014. MEPs have therefore recommended that parties name their candidates for the post of the European Commission president well in advance and explain their European agenda to voters so that they can make informed choices.

In July 2013 MEPs adopted a resolution on the larger role pan-European parties should play in next year's elections. This is why they propose that:

  • Parties should name their candidates for Commission President well in advance of the election so that they can lead an EU-wide campaign on European issues
  • The name and logo of European political parties should appear on the ballot paper. (No member state currently does this.)
  • National political parties should inform people of which European political party they belong to and also who they support to be the next Commission President.

MEPs expect that the candidate for Commission president put forward by the European political party that wins the most seats will be the first one to be considered for the post.