EU time machine: how European politics have changed our daily lives over the last 35 years  


With the European Parliament starting a new five-year term and the next European Commission being formed, it’s time to take a look back at how the EU has changed our lives over the last 35 years. Our time machine app will take you back to 1979, the year of the first European elections. Read on for a trip to the past.

The app demonstrates how Europe has evolved by comparing the situation today with that of 1979, when the first European elections took place.

How it works

The time machine is shaped as an apartment as it would have been 35 years ago. By entering it, you are given a tour and by clicking on different everyday objects in the room, you find out about relevant developments since 1979, such as the euro, passport-free travel and data protection.

The app, available in 24 languages, can be accessed online. It is shareable and embeddable.

Where you can find it

The EU time machine is already online and can be found on the election website  or directly here .