EP information network: Digital resources for reporting on the European Parliament 


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The EP information network helps you to report on the European Parliament  

Reporting on the European Parliament has never been easier, thanks to our new blog listing the latest digital resources that are free to use. Updated around the clock, this page informs you what images, infographics, videos and photos are available for you to download as soon as they become available. Not only are these materials free to use, they are also often available in all of the EU’s 24 official languages, from Bulgarian to Swedish.

This blog offers a selection of the multimedia content on the European Parliament at your disposal.

Our high quality editorial products are ready to be embedded, published or broadcast on websites and on social media.

This blog is run by the European Parliament’s web communications unit.

To stay informed about European affairs, you can also sign up to our newsletter, which tells once a week you what is coming up at the European Parliament and what resources are available to use. To sign up, write to webCom-partnerships@europarl.europa.eu.