Snaps, filters and emojis: the European Parliament on Snapchat  

European Parliament on Snapchat  

Launched in 2011 Snapchat is currently the fastest growing social media network on the planet, its over 200 million users send almost 9,000 photos to each other every second. Roughly one third of Snapchat users come from Europe, and in Ireland, Sweden and Belgium, about 50% of teenagers use the app. In order to allow them to get a fun glimpse into the workings of the EU, Parliament set up its own account last May, and now has over 1,000 followers on the video messaging platform.

Photos and videos garnished with short texts and smileys are the core ingredients of Snapchat. Most users are under the age of 30, making the photo sharing app one of the youngest social media networks. For the Parliament it is a chance to reach out to future voters and provide them with a daily insight into what is going on in Brussels and Strasbourg. For example, how does the corridor of the Parliament look on a busy committee day? And what can you hear when the plenary commences in the hemicycle?

The stories Parliament posts on Snapchat comprise primarily of images with text as well as 10-second videos. Each Friday a wrap-up of the week is published, where the issues on Parliament's agenda are presented in a creative manner.

Over 1,000 followers

Snapchat also enables Europeans to communicate directly with the Parliament. On a daily basis we receive photos, videos and queries from across Europe and most users can expect to receive an answer. In September Parliament's Snapchat account welcomed its 1,000th follower.

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If you are a Snapchat user and visit Parliament's buildings in Brussels or Strasbourg, you can also add our geo-filter to your picture. Geo-filters are special overlays for Snapchat photos that can only be accessed in certain locations. Curious? Add us using the username “europarl” or scan the ghost image with your app!

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