Inter-institutional negotiations on the Transparency Register 


On 28 September 2016, the European Commission proposed an Inter-institutional Agreement establishing a mandatory transparency register covering Parliament, Council and Commission, with a view to ensuring the transparency of lobbying activities across the three institutions, and building on the existing transparency register of Parliament and Commission.

The Conference of Presidents has nominated Sylvie Guillaume, Vice-President responsible for the Transparency Register, and Danuta Hübner, Chair of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, as Parliament's lead negotiators. The negotiators chair a Contact Group inside Parliament, for which each political group has nominated a Member. The lead negotiators will consult and report back to this Group in the course of the negotiations.

Members of the Contact Group are: Rainer WIELAND (EPP), Jo LEINEN (S&D), Pirkko RUOHONEN – LERNER (ECR), Maite PAGAZAURTUNDÚA RUIZ (ALDE), Denis DE JONG (GUE), Sven GIEGOLD (Greens/EFA), Isabella ADINOLFI (EFDD), Edouard FERRAND (ENF).