Parliament this week: animal testing, Schengen, corporate taxes 


MEPs will this week deal with a common fair corporate tax regime, a global ban on cosmetic testing on animals, and rules empowering people to generate their own electricity.

On Wednesday members of the economic affairs committee will have their say about the creation of a single set of corporate tax rules. Already in 2016 a temporary parliamentary committee researching how to tackle tax evasion called on the European Commission to put forward proposals for a common set of rules that companies operating in the EU could use to calculate their taxable profits instead of having to follow different rules for each EU country they are located in. This common set of rules is known as the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base.


Also on Wednesday, the industry and energy committee will vote on four proposals from the Clean Energy for all Europeans package. One of the goals of the proposed legislation is to make it easier for people to generate their own electricity as well improve cooperation between EU countries in order to secure supply during an energy crisis. Read more about what the Parliament is doing in the energy sector


Although prohibited in the EU, 80% of countries in the world allow animal testing for cosmetic products. The environment committee will vote Tuesday on a resolution pushing for a global ban. 


On Wednesday and Thursday, members of the budget committee will discuss and vote on the Parliament position regarding the EU's long-term budget as well as its revenues after 2020, ahead of the informal  meeting on Friday by EU heads of state, who will be discussing the long-term budget.


MEPs will meet their national counterparts on Monday and Tuesday as part of the European Parliamentary Week to discuss economic issues, tax policies and well as plans for a common banking policy at EU level.


On Tuesday the civil liberties committee will hold a public hearing on the Schengen zone following the migration crisis. The idea is to discuss how Schengen is functioning as well as expanding it to Bulgaria and Romania.


The Parliament hosts on Thursday this year's annual EU Covenant of Mayors, brining together representatives from local governments around Europe to discuss strategies at the local level to fight climate change.