How the president of the European Commission gets elected  


The Parliament plays a crucial role in the election of the next president of the European Commission. Check out our infographic about the procedure.

How to elect the president of the European Commission  

During the Council summit on 20-21 June, European heads of state and government discussed the nomination of the new heads of the EU institutions. Talks will continue at another summit on 30 June.

The European Council will have to propose a candidate for the post of Commission president taking into account the results of the European elections.

Parliament is expected to vote on the new Commission president during the second plenary session in July. It is then up to EU countries to propose commissioners, in cooperation with the new Commission president.

The commissioners-designate will be examined by the parliamentary committees responsible for their proposed portfolios before MEPs vote on whether to approve the entire Commission in plenary.

The new European Commission should take office on 1 November.