Parliament group priorities: the Greens/European Free Alliance 


The Greens/European Free Alliance is the fourth largest political group in the European Parliament.

During the European elections in May, about 200 million Europeans elected MEPs to represent them over the coming five years in the new European Parliament. Those MEPs are organised into groups based on their political affinities. Find out about the priorities of each group in our video series.

The Greens/EFA group is made up of MEPs from Green, Pirate and regional parties as well as independent MEPs. It was established in 1999.

It increased its share of the vote during the last European elections and now has 74 seats, making it the fourth largest political group in the European Parliament. Its members represent 16 EU countries.

The group has two co-presidents: Ska Keller, a German MEP first elected in 2009 and co-president since 2016, and Philippe Lamberts, a Belgian MEP who also entered the Parliament in 2009 and has been co-president since 2014. The group has seven vice-presidents.

The group’s focus is the environment as well as social justice. They want to tackle climate change through a green energy revolution and guarantee human rights and equality for all.

Two out of 14 vice-presidents of the European Parliament are members of Greens/EFA, as well as two out of 20 chairs of the parliamentary committees.