Parliament group priorities: Identity and Democracy 


Identity and Democracy (ID) is a new group, which is the fifth largest one in the current European Parliament.

During the European elections in May, about 200 million Europeans elected MEPs to represent them over the coming five years in the new European Parliament. Those MEPs are organised into  groups based on their political affinities. Find out about the priorities of each group in our video series.

The Identity and Democracy group was created in the current legislature of the European Parliament, succeeding the Europe of Nations and Freedom group (ENF). It has 73 members, which makes it the fifth largest group in the Parliament.

It has MEPs from nine countries, with the majority coming from Italy’s Lega party, the National Rally in France and Germany’s AfD.

Marco Zanni (Italy) was elected president of the group in July 2019. This is his second term in the Parliament The group has two vice presidents.

The ID group says its focus is creating jobs and growth, increasing security, tackling illegal immigration, as well as making the EU less bureaucratic.

The group does not hold any vice-presidents of the Parliament posts nor chairs of parliamentary committees.