Hearings: Věra Jourová (Czech Republic) and Josep Borrell (Spain) 


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The hearings on 7 October feature two vice presidents-designate: Věra Jourová (Czech Republic) and Josep Borrell (Spain). The latter has been proposed as the EU's foreign policy chief.

Monday hearings 7 October  

Monday 7 October opens the second week of hearings. Josep Borrell (Spain) and Věra Jourová (Czech Republic) must prove to MEPs that they can deliver on what is expected of the new European Commission.

Before the European Parliament votes the new European Commission, led by Ursula von der Leyen into office, parliamentary committees assess the suitability of the commissioners-designate.

Each candidate commissioner is invited to a live-streamed, three-hour hearing in front of the committee or committees responsible for their proposed portfolio. The hearings take place between Monday 30 September and Tuesday 8 October.

Learn more about the hearings process.

Hearings on Monday 7 October: