Standing together to mark Europe day 


Seventy years after the Schuman declaration, Europe is facing a crisis that makes EU solidarity more important than ever.

Europe Day is held every 9 May to mark the anniversary of the speech by French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman that led to the foundation of the European Union.


As we mark Europe Day, we remember how Europeans made history in 1950 and pay tribute to those who are making history today. In the context of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, 9 May 2020 represents an important opportunity to celebrate unity and solidarity in Europe.


Normally, the Parliament organises events for visitors at its premises. As this is not possible due to the pandemic this year,   Parliament and the other institutions have created a digital open day, bringing people together in this time of crisis by highlighting the sense of solidarity and emphasising what the EU is doing to help.


Among the highlights, Parliament President David Sassoli is scheduled to take part in a live debate on Saturday morning, with interpretation into various languages.


Other events include a Facebook live with Parliament Vice-Presidents Othmar Karas and Katarina Barley, video messages from the leaders of the political groups, a virtual visit to the plenary chamber in Brussels and a panel discussion on Schuman and his vision for Europe.


You can also enjoy an online exhibition, featuring items from the Parliament’s archives.


Follow Parliament’s all-day Facebook event and check the European Parliament’s website.