This week in Parliament: Brexit, Covid-19, road transport  

MEPs have another busy week ahead of them  

MEPs will vote on recommendations for the ongoing EU-UK negotiations, rules in the road transport sector and the classification of Covid-19.

Ahead of a vote in plenary next week, this Friday the foreign affairs and trade committees will vote on recommendations about the continuing negotiations on the future relationship between the EU and UK.

On Thursday, the employment committee will decide whether to back the European Commission decision to classify the virus causing Covid-19 as a risk group three biological agent or push for it to be classified as risk group four, which would mean more stringent health and safety measures for workers.

Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, will discuss the bank’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak with the economic affairs committee on Monday. On Tuesday, MEPs will vote on changes to EU capital requirement rules for banks, which aim to allow them to better support businesses and households.

On Monday, the transport will vote on an agreement reached with EU countries on new road transport rules. The new rules cover maximum daily and weekly driving times as well as minimum rest times for drivers; define for which operations rules on the posting of workers apply; and electronic freight information.