LUX Audience Award: check out the nominated films and vote for your favourite 


The three films competing for the 2021 LUX Award are: Another Round, Collective and Corpus Christi.

Parliament’s film prize gets a revamp this year by giving the public a say in who wins the LUX European Audience Film Award together with MEPs.

The three films competing for the prize were announced at a European Film Awards Ceremony on 12 December:

  • Another Round (a Denmark/Netherlands/Sweden coproduction)
  • Collective (a Romania/Luxembourg coproduction)
  • Corpus Christi (a Poland/France coproduction)

Both Another Round and Collective have also been shortlisted for an Oscar for best international feature film, while Corpus Christi was nominated for this last year.

Another Round by Danish director Thomas Vinterberg (original title Druk)

Have you heard of a Norwegian psychologist’s obscure theory that a small amount of alcohol in our blood opens our minds, increases creativity and keeps us happy? Four high school teachers experiment with it, but what first seems to offer a cure for a mid-life crisis goes off the rails. Vinterberg‘s movie is not only about drinking. It has a deeper message about how to face life’s highs and lows and be honest about them.

Another Round won the 2021 Oscar for best international feature. Leonardo DiCaprio's production company is planning an English-language remake.

Collective by Romanian director Alexander Nanau (original title Colectiv)

This stirring documentary is titled after a nightclub in Bucharest where a fire killed 27 young people in 2015 and left 180 wounded. The documentary follows a team of journalists who investigate why 37 of the burn victims died in hospitals although their wounds were not life threatening. They uncover terrifying nepotism and corruption that cost lives, but also show that brave and determined people can reverse corrupt systems.

Collective was nominated for an Oscar in the best international feature and best documentary categories this year.

Corpus Christi by Polish director Jan Komasa (original title Boże Ciało)

The film is based partly on the real story of a young convict who experiences a spiritual transformation and wants to become a priest. By a twist of fate, he ends up taking responsibility for a parish in a remote Polish village. As the story evolves, he confronts a tragic secret that is devouring the community. Through the story of this charismatic preacher, Komasa reflects on what creates a community and what makes us susceptible to both fake and real leaders.

Corpus Cristi was nominated for an Oscar in the best international feature film category in 2020.

Watch and vote

Interested in the films? Find out where you can watch them (online or in cinemas) on and cast your vote on the website.

How to vote for the LUX Audience Award 
  • Voting is open on until 23 May 2021 
  • You can rate each film with one to five stars 
  • Ratings can be changed an unlimited number of times until voting closes. The last vote counts 

The final ranking will be determined by combining the public vote and the vote by MEPs, with each group accounting for 50%. The winning film will be announced during the LUX Audience Award Ceremony on 9 June 2021 at the European Parliament.

More on the selection process in our infographic

European films in European cinemas

With this LUX Audience Award, Parliament teams up with the European Film Academy to reach a wider audience. Through its film prize, Parliament has been providing tangible support for the distribution of European films since 2007 by providing subtitles in 24 EU languages for the films in the final competition. The LUX prize has garnered a reputation by selecting European co-productions that engage with topical political and social issues and encourage debate about our values.

The European Commission and Europa Cinemas network are also partners in the LUX Award.