Plenary highlights: Covid-19 recovery, vaccines, circular economy 


MEPs approved the EU’s key instrument to help countries recover from Covid-19, debated the vaccines situation and called for tighter recycling rules.

Covid recovery

On Tuesday, MEPs approved the Recovery and Resilience Facility, designed to help EU countries recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The impact of Covid-19 on young people and sport

MEPs called on the Commission and EU countries to do more to prevent the pandemic affecting young people and the sports sector in a report adopted on Wednesday.


In a debate on Wednesday, MEPs said the EU should take measures to boost the production of vaccines.

Relief measures for aviation sector

To support the transport sector during the coronavirus crisis, MEPs agreed to extend rules for the use of airport slots to prevent empty flights and prolonged the validity of some licences used in the transport sector on Wednesday.

Circular Economy Action Plan

The Parliament called for tighter recycling rules and binding 2030 targets for materials use and consumption in a resolution adopted on 9 February 2021. The report represents Parliament feels should be included in the European Commission’s proposed Circular Economy Action Plan to achieve a circular economy by 2050.

Reducing inequalities

On Tuesday, MEPs called for a minimum wage, equal labour conditions for platform workers and a better work-life balance in order to fight inequality and in-work poverty.

Human trafficking

In a report adopted on Tuesday, MEPs called on the EU to step up the fight against human trafficking and strengthen protection for victims.

Social media and democracy debate

On Wednesday, MEPs called on the EU to regulate social media to protect freedom of expression while limiting harmful content.


On Tuesday, MEPs hit out at the Council for failing to adequately react to Russia’s aggressive policies and criticised EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell for his recent visit to Moscow.


On Thursday MEPs called for democracy in Myanmar to be restored and demanded the unconditional release of all those illegally arrested followed Sunday’s military coup.

Abortion ban in Poland

In a debate on Tuesday morning, MEPs condemned the rollback on abortion rights in Poland following the entry into force of the Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling.