Coming up: Digital Green Certificate, EU investment, EU-UK relations 


MEPs will vote on EU investment programmes, future EU-UK relations and plans for a Digital Green Certificate during the plenary session on 26-29 April.

Parliament will set out its position on the European Commission’s proposal for a Digital Green Certificate, which aims to facilitate safe travel within the EU during the pandemic.

EU investment will be crucial to rebooting Europe’s economy following the pandemic. Parliament votes on funding to help foster a green, digital and resilient EU between now and 2027. Among the investment programmes to be adopted are Horizon Europe for research and innovation, LIFE for environment and climate action, Digital Europe and the Civil Protection Mechanism.

MEPs will also vote on 2021-2027 funding for the European Defence Fund, the EU space programme, the Globalisation Adjustment Fund and the Single Market programme.

Provisionally in force since 1 January, the trade and cooperation agreement with the United Kingdom will be put to a vote. The consent of MEPs is necessary for the deal to enter into force permanently.

Parliament is set to give a green light to new rules to better protect and assist rail passengers in cases of delays or cancellations.

Members also vote on new rules to prevent the dissemination of terrorist content online. Internet platforms would be obliged to remove flagged content or disable access to it within one hour.

MEPs will discuss the latest developments in EU-Russia relations, including the imprisonment of Alexei Navalny. Up for debate too are EU-Turkey relations and recent Chinese sanctions against a number of European entities and politicians. Parliament will also vote on its position on the future of ties between the EU and India.

MEPs are also set to vote on a mandatory Transparency Register for interest representatives seeking to influence EU policy-making, lay out their position on the reform of global tax policy and call for a climate neutral maritime sector by mid-century.

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