Coming up: energy prices, US relations, asylum agency 


MEPs will discuss the recent hike in energy prices, debate the future of EU-US relations and suggest how to boost cybersecurity during October's plenary session.

Energy prices

MEPs will discuss what the EU can do to tackle rising energy costs as well as the role of energy efficiency and renewable energy and the need to do something about energy poverty on Wednesday.

EU-US relations

On Tuesday, MEPs will consider the future of the transatlantic partnership, the need for more EU autonomy and how to work with the Biden administration. They'll vote on a resolution the following day

Asylum agency

Members will discuss plans to turn the EU Asylum Support office into a new independent asylum agency with more operational and technical powers and additional financial and human resources on Thursday.


The humanitarian crisis along the EU-Belarus border and the Belarusian regime’s hybrid warfare against the EU will be in the spotlight during a debate on Tuesday, followed by a vote on a resolution the next day.

Road safety

To achieve the EU’s goal of zero road deaths by 2050, MEPs are expected to call for more investment in safer roads, a speed limit of 30km/h in residential areas and on roads with high numbers of cyclists and pedestrians, as well as for a zero-tolerance approach to drink-driving.


Proposals to boosting the EU’s cybersecurity defences through increased cooperation and joint responses to cyberattacks will be voted on Wednesday. MEPs are set to propose guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence by the police on Tuesday.

Artic policy

The Arctic is becoming increasingly important due to its rare earth mineral resources and the possibility of new sea routes. Ahead of the European Commission’s proposal for an update of the EU’s Arctic policy, MEPs will discuss emerging threats to stability in the area and adopt a report with recommendations.

Gender-based violence

MEPs will call on the Commission to propose measures to prevent and combat all forms of gender-based violence.


Members will debate and vote on an own-initiative report calling on the EU to address the root causes of biodiversity loss and for it to step up financial and technical support to developing countries to deal with the issue.


Thousands of young people from all over Europe will exchange ideas on the EU’s future during the European Youth Event 2021 (EYE2021) at the Parliament in Strasbourg and online 8-9 October.