Future of Europe: Conference Plenary starts with expectations for change 


The first session of the Conference on the Future of Europe took place on 19 June amid expectations for change. Find out more in our video.

MEP Guy Verhofstadt (Renew Europe, Belgium), co-chair of the executive board, opened the session by formulating some of the questions that the Conference will need to answer:

“What works well in the Union? What needs to change? How to establish a Union that is fit for purpose for the upcoming decades? How to create a Union that is more resilient, that acts faster, that is more effective? We need to answer all these questions urgently, as the world changes rapidly and it certainly doesn't wait.”

He likened the Conference to a relay race, where the citizens, going first, will define their wishes and make recommendations; they will then pass the baton on to the Conference Plenary, which will discuss their input and make proposals for concrete action, to be implemented through the EU institutions.

During the meeting, representatives of the EU institutions, national parliaments, civil society and social partners as well as ordinary Europeans expressed their views on the purpose of the Conference and their expectations. Watch the full plenary session or selected excerpts.

The next Conference Plenary session is scheduled for 22-23 October. Before that, European citizens’ panels will meet to discuss the ideas put forward on the Conference online platform and prepare proposals for the Plenary.

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