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Four students with their thumbs up for the Erasmus + program ©BELGA/BELPRESS        
Press Releases 

Press Releases 

The EU’s new Erasmust+ programme, which will fund grants for students, teachers, trainers and apprentices to study abroad in the EU, was approved by the European Parliament on Tuesday. Youth leaders, volunteers and young sportsmen and women will also be eligible. A new guarantee mechanism will also enable master’s degree students to get cheaper loans to study abroad.

Infographic on the Erasmus programme        

The popular Erasmus programme has enabled nearly three million students and teachers to study and work abroad, but its continued functioning was threatened by the funding shortfall in the 2012 EU budget. It has now been saved for the time being thanks to Parliament negotiating a €6 billion deal to cover outstanding bills as well an agreement with the other EU institutions to deal with any shortfalls in 2013 promptly. MEPs adopted the budget package during the December plenary.


Europe's most successful student exchange programme is being relaunched in an improved and expanded version. Under the new name Erasmus+, the programme now covers education, training, youth and for the first time ever also sport.

The Erasmus program signed by the #EP President Martin Schulz and Council rappresentative Vytautas Leskevicius        

With a simple signature, the revamped version of Europe’s most popular student programme was signed into law on 11 December by EP President Martin Schulz. Erasmus+ boasts a budget of more than €14 billion for 2014-2020, nearly twice as much as its current funding, giving more than four million young Europeans the chance to study or train abroad. The new programme will kick off on 1 January 2014.

Students sitting on metal steps ©BELGA_BELPRESS_Philippe Turpin        

The EU's student and teacher exchange programme, named after the Dutch philosopher Erasmus, celebrates its silver jubilee this year. Since its launch in the late 80's, nearly 3 million students and teachers have been able to study and work abroad with the help of Erasmus grants.

Students studying together outside © Belga/Easyphotostock/T. Olson        

Erasmus keeps getting bigger and better! In 2012-2013 a record-breaking 270,000 students took part in one of the popular EU programmes for studying or training abroad. And the numbers are expected to rise even further in the future as the European Parliament backed the new and improved Erasmus+ programme that kicks off this September. What are the most popular destinations and which students are the most active in the programme? Read on.

 Doris Pack        

The chance to study abroad is one of the EU's biggest perks for young people, but the popular student exchange programme Erasmus is set to become even better. The new €14 billion Erasmus+ programme will enable more than five million people to study, train and volunteer in another country. The EP's education committee gave its blessing to the new programme on 5 November. We discussed it with Doris Pack, a German member of the EPP group who is in charge of steering the proposal through EP.