European Youth Event 2016 
Together we can make a change 

EU affairs 

At the European Youth Event 2016, young Europeans came up with ideas for Europe's future, which will be examined by the Parliament.



Some 7,500 young people came to the Parliament in May 2016 to come up with ideas on how the improve the situation in Europe as part of the European Youth Event (EYE).

EYE 2016 
  • 20 - 21 May 2016 
  • European Parliament, Strasbourg 




Last May 7,500 young people from across the EU came to the Parliament in Strasbourg for the biennial European Youth Event (EYE). Following two days of discussion on issues ranging from migration to youth unemployment and climate change, 50 of the most interesting ideas from EYE2016 were handed over to MEPs in September. EYE participants present those ideas to Parliament committees in October and November. You too can join the debate online by using the hashtag #EYE2016.


For the best ideas for Europe's future, why not ask the next generation? In May 7,000 young Europeans gathered in Strasbourg for the second European Youth Event (EYE) during which they discussed how to best tackle the many challenges facing Europe. Fifty of the best ideas have been collected in a report, which was presented to Parliament on 6 September. Some of the ideas will be forwarded to parliamentary committees, which starting 11 October will discuss them with the young people involved.


Taking place at the Parliament in Strasbourg on 20-21 May, the European Youth Event (EYE) will be a unique opportunity for 7,500 young Europeans to make their voices heard. At a time when Europe is facing crises on many fronts participants, all aged 16 to 30, will exchange ideas and perspectives on the EU's future and other youth-related issues. As a follow-up, a report with the ideas discussed at the EYE will be presented to MEPs. Follow #EYE2016 for all the news in the run-up to the event.


The European Youth Event (EYE) taking place at the Parliament in Strasbourg this Friday and Saturday is not just for the 7,500 Europeans who will be in attendance.


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