A better Europe: EYE2018 participants present their best ideas to MEPs 

Young people have come up with ideas for a better Europe  

Young people came up with ideas for a better Europe as part of Parliament's European Youth Event in June. Their best ideas will be presented to Parliament committees the coming months.

There were a wide range of discussions on the future of Europe during June's EYE2018 event and a report featuring the best ideas from the two-day event was distributed to MEPs on 20 September.

The 100 ideas range from protecting whistle-blowers and preventing tax evasion to encouraging young people to stand in elections and eliminating plastic pollution.

EYE participants will present these ideas to Parliament committees over the coming months. With just eight months until the next European elections, these hearings will prove a valuable opportunity for young Europeans to engage with MEPs and voice their ideas on how to improve Europe.

Youth hearings agenda:

In the foreword to the EYE2018 report, Parliament President Antonio Tajani said: “Young people can make a difference, and I am sure their contribution will lead to an increasingly vibrant European democracy.”

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