Short videos on how the European Parliament and the EU work 
What do the European Parliament and the EU do and how do they work? 

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How do the European Parliament and the EU work and what benefits do they produce for Europeans? Find out by watching our short videos.




In the EU we are united in diversity. Watch this video to learn more.


The EU is based on a common set of rules and values. Watch our video to find out what happens when these rules are broken.


Coming together in a single bloc creates real benefits for EU countries. Watch the video to see how together we make a difference


How are decisions taken in the EU? Is the EU decision-making process really so complicated? Watch this video and all will become clear... in just 20 seconds!


The EU benefits your life in more ways than you are probably aware of. Watch this video to find out more


The European Parliament represents 447 million people living in the EU. Watch the video to learn how it is organised and more.


People in the EU elect the members of the European Parliament who represent them and their interests.


The EU costs you about half a cup of coffee a day! That’s less than a euro a day for everyone who lives in the EU! Watch the video to see how it works.


Find out more about Erasmus+, the EU's flagship programme that supports education, training, sport and young people.

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